Programs & Services

We offer programs for every level, and each program is uniquely designed to the individual, personal to their need....In Person and/or ONLINE with our signature FAB online coaching course.

In person services available in the Galway region


Personal Training 1:1

Whatever your goals, this is the best place to start. You will get a program tailored to your needs and based on your SMART goals. We will coach you and train you. Ideal for those looking to lose substantial weight, to increase athletic ability, make a lifestyle change or who are intimidated by the gym.

Personal Training (3:1) Couples/Friends

Here we incorporate the same basis for 1:1 Personal Training, but you can share the cost with a friend or your partner.

This buddy system proves to be a huge benefit as you become more accountable, and competitive.

Nutrition Coaching

If you are looking to shed the pounds or increase lean muscle mass, it all depends on a good nutrition plan. We can tailor one to suit you and your goals specifically.



Strengthen up your core, as well as making increases in your mobility and flexibility. This is for everyone, from those involved in sports to the aging population, as well as back pain sufferers.

Team Pilates

For team sports, we have been involved in core training to boost the overall athleticism of the individuals. A vital component to any sport is to move better.

Weight Training

Learn how to lift weights for a good technique. This is ideal for fit and old. Weight Training helps with fat loss, as well as osteoporosis and other aging factors. Each program will be tailor made.


Physical Therapy

Massage therapy can benefit everyone. From those dull aches or pains, we can have you feeling like new with deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, to mobilisation techniques and releases.