Ladies lose weight, without the drama

What if there was an easy fix?

By doing the FAB program you're not focused on weight loss. You're focus is on building athletic development, breaking barriers, increasing your challenges week to week. Then after a while you notice your clothes are loose, your energy is up, your body looks toned, you can pick things up, squat things down with ease. There's a new spring in your step. 

This program is ideal for females with a busy lifestyle. You're sick of diets and mundane exercises. You want to learn the basics of weightlifting to give your body a toned physique. You want to increase your fitness levels. Maybe you want more stamina to run after the kids. Or you want to take part in an obstacle course event later this year.

The FAB program is available online and in person at Snap Fitness Galway. As a detailed and personal program, there are limited spaces available. Now is the time to get ready for the summer. Last minute diets won't be kind to your body. 

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6 Weeks to FAB !!

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