What diet works?

Let's make the change. Lets be the change.


Most people come to me with the same questions. How can I lose weight? How do I get rid of belly fat? 

Do you struggle with food? Weight loss?

Every week on my Instagram I'm going to post the food I eat so you can see what works. I'm not the Paleo, keto, slimming world, low carb, vegan, organic eater. I just eat nutritious rich food.

For me it's more important that the food I eat is locally sourced over organic or cheap. I've tried all those diets and the only one that works, is the one you can stick to. So one of those may work. But for most people a calorie restriction and honesty with yourself will work the best.

You don't need to be obsessed. You just need to be determined and consistent.

Results are slow. Don't get caught up in the hype of 28 day fantasies. The results that will last a lifetime will take a lifetime of change so you need to be prepared to change and challenge your mindset. 

Ive changed my eating habits considerably over the last year and it has helped me feel better, move better and perform better. 

Change your habits, not your diet. 

if you need help with your nutrition or fitness do not hesitate to send me your query. I also run monthly online health and fitness programs to educate you, insprire you and mentor you in achieving the goals you always wanted.


Smoothie drinks are a great way to increase your daily fruit and vegetables. Soursop is my favourite fruit, that I would pick off a tree in Hawaii. This is the closest thing to it in Ireland......a juice box!!