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The FAB Project

Welcome to the FAB project. You're here, because you want to make your body move better, work better, and for it to look amazing. When you feel strong, you look strong! Here you will discover the road map to success. Under my guidance and support, you will be achieving all your health and fitness goals.

No energy? No motivation? Lack of direction? Too much confusing information?

Depending on where your fitness journey is starting from, Louise will tailor your FAB Program to suit your needs.

Can't find time with work, family life?

Everyone can achieve the Female Athlectic Body

It takes a consistent program that is adaptable to your lifestyle needs. One which meets the demands of your personal journey, the one you've been on so far, and the one that's going to take you in the direction of your goals.

My Vision: The FAB PROJECT is created to bring more awareness to our sisters, our daughters, mothers, to all females, that you can build a strong, functioning body, boosting your health and confidence. You do not need your self esteem to be driven by magazines, insta likes and plastic surgery. You have your own unique and personal journey in this lifetime, so why try to be like anyone else. This perfect "celebrity" portrait will put more and more pressure on young girls and women to be like an ideal doll. Lets change that thinking. Lets not put pressure on our girls. Lets build a vision. Girls just wanna have fun!


The Female Athletic Body Program

Suitable for all levels

Whether you are a beginner, new to training or you havent been consistently training or active in the last year, or If you u have between 1-2 years consistent training, you are looking for the ultimate challenge for your body to take it to the Female Athletic Body, in performance and aesthetics.

The Program includes:

  • Weekly Workout plan with videos
  • Suitable for improving athletic performance
  • Home based workout you can do anywhere
  • Gym based workout for the gym bunnies
  • Tailored nutrition plan based on your personal figure and goals
  • Weekly accountability and tracking system
  • Access to the Facebook Group with the head coach to ask any questions and support other members

The program is build on a rolling monthly basis. I would ask that you give it 3 months commitment, so that you can really see those results. Payment is made monthly