Training like an athlete for fat loss 35/365

What if I told you I dont take on clients who want to lose weight?

Yes. Its true. If you want to lose weight, you just need to figure out your nutrition. But I know it can be a bit more psychological than just food.

So thats why I train you to be an athlete.

Athletes train for a purpose. They train with consistency. There is a goal in mind, but they are still looking past that. Its not like one of these 12 week transformation programs that you see advertised. You can get the results, but you have to work very hard on your diet with plenty of food restrictions and cravings.

So enter the FAB Project

As you learn the basics of movement, mobility and strength training mechanics, we progress you into agility and conditioning style programming. You will run or row. Its not just all about the squat and deadlift. I love weights. But I love to know I can also move with agility and speed if I need to.

For me this is a more rounded approach. It fits better into your brains logic.

Its a continuous process so you fit it into your schedule. As I say, you have one body when you’re alive, so please it and make the best of it. Make it a great home to live and breathe in.

So as much as I dont encourage you to β€˜just lose weight’, you will lose weight when you’re on this program. As you focus your mind on being an athlete, you will fuel your body with the right nutrition and in turn you will start to shred the pounds.

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Louise Loughlin