Your Goals and Resolutions 34/365

As we have passed through the longest month of the year, with all the resolutions and lack of money and very little indulgences - its finally February. Phew!

I had so many great intentions for January. I had planned a whole new lifestyle for myself. This is going to be the year, I told myself. But it has taken me some time to try and get those goals broken down into actionable tasks.

That’s the problem with new years resolutions, they can be too vague, too many at once and we forget to break them down into bite-sized chunks so they become more manageable.

But dont lose faith - it was probably just too many ambitious goals to start with. You’ve already made a mental start on it, so why not keep going. Just this time, allow yourself to do one at a time. Make that stick for a month and then try another one. It takes about 21 + days to form a habit, so think of these goals as you would forming a habit.

Break this one goal down into smaller steps for the next few weeks so by the end of February you can enjoy another successful month.

Dont stop. Dont spend the year saying I’ll start tomorrow.

Your chance is NOW!

Always start today.

Focus on today.

Get it done today!

Louise Loughlin