Lift the mental and physical weight 33/365


Honestly, what never got solved by going for a good long walk??

When you are suffering from a form of mental anxiety or just illogical feelings that dont seem to be making sense in your brain, then its time to turn up the music and throw out a work out.

But how on earth can you find the motivation to get up and do a workout when you are in that state of mind?

You have 2 choices to succeed.

  1. Active/Preventative. Plan your day to start off with a walk or some gentle exercise. This habit will create the right start to the day. Exercise has been proven to increase your mood and reduce stress, fear and anxiety. This is a good passive step to overcoming daily challenges.

    • Make a morning ritual, go for a walk or run. It doesn’t need to be a killer workout. Just get your happy hormones flowing.

    • Do 10-20 minutes of gentle exercise. Sometimes I will do my mobility in the morning or you could also try some yoga or a nice gentle exercise flow. Your body may tell you want it wants and needs.

    • Try 5-15 minutes of something physical that requires good coordination, like juggling balls, or kicky uppies. They both work for me. They both have a good sense of achievement.

    • Find something you enjoy. Get up and do it.

  2. Passive/Reactive. When you are feeling stressed have a contingency plan in place. You might have 2-3 options that you can do to release the stress. As well as trying any of the above, you can have a go at my 3 options below.

    • Breathing exercises - 5 minutes of focusing on deep belly breathing. Breath in through your nose for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds and exhale throw pursed lips for 4 seconds. Repeat 5 rounds of 5. This helps when you are maybe tied to your desk, or in a crowded place and doing exercise might make you feel worse.

    • Go out into the fresh air and walk. Focus on your breathing. Focus on the noises around you and find something simple to be grateful for.

    • Do a 7 minute energy flow. Squat! Press up! Lunge! Dance! Keep moving until 7 minutes is up.

Now hopefully that has helped your brain to think rationally about the problem or stressful situation. If you dont find that any of that helps, then a problem share is a problem halved. Go talk to someone.

Louise Loughlin