Throwback Thursday 45/365


It is well publicised on social media, the tagline, Throwback Thursday. You will see some amazing photos and displays of courage to post these. You will also just see some fun throwbacks.

For me my throwback Thursday today I would like to talk about how difficult I found it to lose weight when I wasn’t actively involved in sports.

I had convinced myself I was big boned, that I was just destined to always be fat. The actual thoughts I had back then were pretty standard for a lot of people, whom thought they were predisposed to being fat.

I certainly was overweight as a teenager, as I stopped playing sports due to the lack of teams in my area. As a teenager I was tall for my age so I could easily brush it off. I was always pretty strong too, doing a lot of heavy lifting work at home, in my parents’ family shop which we lived in.

I ate very clean and healthy. But yet I still gained weight.

The most horrible habit I had was that I ate in secret. I thought if no one could see me eating, then it wasnt disgusting. Right?!

I guess you could put me down as an emotional eater. I dont project my stress or feelings on the surface. But behind the scenes I will eat mindlessly to overcome that emotion. that was one big step to tackle.

Being busy helped to avoid eatin when bored, or eating in secret. It had other effects to. I eventualy would burn out. But the emotions might still be there.

So what I am saying is that coming up with a solution to emotional eating has helped me. If I can control my eating habits around my emotions then I am ok. I no longer see food as a reward, as a treat or something that is overly enjoyable. I rarely cook fancy meals anymore. I rarely eat out.

I now only eat to fuel my body. As I prepare a meal, I try to think how I can get enough nutrients into my body.

I am not at my lowest weight right now. but I am very happy where I am. I dont diet and sometimes I am inconsistent with my training, but I have learnt good habits to eat good food, and move a lot more throughout the day.

Me today in 2019

Me today in 2019

Me 5 years ago

Me 5 years ago