Low Carb Diets, the Myth 48/365

I had a client tell me this week, that when you asked someone how to lose weight they told her, eat no carbs and dont eat after 6.

Oh my!! My chin nearly dropped. I'm not sure who the guy was but hopefully he wasn't charging for this advice.

 Low carb diets work. But they are only a method. What you need to understand is the principle. For every diet out there, they all are based on the same principles of losing weight. 

You need to be in a calorie deficit.  

Within our Western diet we have a truck load of carbs as the main source of food choices . We are too heavily burdened with them. Now even in saying that, of the 3, they are the only macronutrient that is not essential.

Fat and Protein are essential for our bodies to physically survive and thrive. 

Carbohydrates are a great form of energy, and I think we do need to include them in our diet. 

Carbs can make you feel like you've eaten a good meal. They can be quite hight on the satiety index, an index that calculates food on it's level of making you feel full. However there are some carbs that don't give you a good satiety feeling and these are the ones to avoid. For me it was croissants. This is a carb, that's high in fat. I'm moody and starving a few hours later, compared to having my normal porridge oats in the morning.

By following a low carb or zero carb diet, essentially you are restricting the amount of food to choose from and by a wonderful chance you tend to go into a calorie deficit, unknowingly. That is the light bulb moment for a lot of people.  

So if you are going to follow a low carb diet, remember if you are seeing results it's because you are in a calorie deficit. It's ok for a short term period. But it's not necessary in the long term, if it makes you feel unhappy. It is especially unhealthy it it makes you binge eat. This can be a big sign that you need to reintroduce some carbs.