Unlocking Your Spine 47/365

The thoracic spine is the most overlooked part of the spine for everyone, especially office workers, drivers and students. How many people even know how to stretch it?

Some of the smaller muscles around our scapula are overly stretched everyday with our forward positions. So it needs the most work, in terms of stretching, mobility and strength. Heres how you should increase thoracic spine rotation to give your self better posture, and a better mobility to do overhead exercises. It can also help alleviate shoulder and neck pain.

T-Spine Stretch

I do some of these stretches in my Pilates class for corporate clients at HP in Galway.  

T-Spine Mobilisations

This is my go to and creates so much freedom into my shoulders.

 T-Spine Exercises

This video can be done regularly to improve the quality of your spine. These are a lot of yoga moves that will help open up and strengthen that thoracic spine. 

 Try running through these exercises for 5-10 minutes and see which works best for you. Then incorporate this into a daily routine first thing in the morning.