Writing for days 36/365

The idea of my Daily Journal this year is to progress my level of writing. I want to get back into the swing of writing informative and educational content that you the reader can implement into your own life.

I havent written consistently since it was forced on you, during school and college. Then came the era of writing online. I am a big fan of writing down thoughts and doodles on paper, so I have still done that.

But writing online, means its out there as a record, as your opinion, as a piece to be picked on and critiqued. Thats ok. I’m not planning to be perfect. I’m just training my writing skills to aim towards perfect.

I am open to criticism, as a means to improve my writing, as with every other aspect I do. So feel free to send me a message if something doesnt sound right, or needs to be backed up more.

Thanks for reading along so far.