Why bother exercise, if nutrition is key to weight loss 37/365

Benefits of exercise

We all know our body is designed to move. Yet most of us don’t follow up on that knowledge. Our body is yearning to move, to stretch, to run, to play, to leap, to dance and twist. As the world moves into a technology and gadget fuelled world, we become more sedentary and thus more prone to bad posture, weight gain, depression, stress and back pain.

By expending only 1000 calories a week in physical activity, you will become healthier and fitter, as well as increasing your lifespan.

What if this website was the magic pill you needed. This is a practical guide to get you on your journey to a better you. Use it everyday to stay focused and on track.

10 Ways Exercise Improves Your Life

  1. By making you happier.

  2. By enabling you to control your weight.

  3. By improving mental function

  4. By lowering the risk of diabetes

  5. By lowering cholesterol

  6. By preserving bone density

  7. By improving your stress levels

  8. By reducing the risk of heart disease

  9. By reducing the risk of some cancers

  10. by improving your confidence and body image

Overall, by becoming more active, you'll become healthier in your body and mind.