Track Your Progress 40/365

What gets measured, gets managed.

It is a big deal to track your progress. This may be the little motivational kick you need to stay on plan.

How do you track your progress?

For weight loss, I would be wary of scales measurements. Make sure the you use the scales at the same time of the day, so you keep a consistent record. Remember though, you may need to off load some weight in the toilet beforehand. In the morning is best to get your lowest weight, after you’ve been to the toilet.

Throughout the day you will add a little weight to the scales, i.e your body. You will absorb the water and carbs into your muscle stores. DO NOT be worried about this. This is not body fat. That is why the scales can be a bit misleading.

But you can use it to monitor your progress on a week to week or monthly basis. Just don’t let it scare you if you find your weight going up slightly.

The second way to measure progress is to take a measuring tap and record your waist, hip, bust and thigh measurements. You could go down the road of a calipers and test for how much body fat you have but this is a highly skilled job that not even most PTs get right.

But consistency is the key. So measure the same areas.

Another big way to measure your progress, is to take pictures. You want to look good, so take progress pictures. It will take you a little longer to notice the change to your body. but all the same it is a very satisfying way to track your progress.

Those are some ways to track your weight loss journey.

Other ways to track your journey, would be to simply change and track your habits. So try creating a couple of new habits that will progress you on your way to your goal. Keep a journal. Try to achieve 21 days of an unbroken habit.

For example, drink 2 litres of water daily, eat 5-7 portions of vegetables daily, workout 3 times a week, aim for 10,000 steps a day.

Now lastly, and ultimately the hardest tracker for people is CALORIES. Every client I know hates to track their calories. Why? Maybe because it is a realisation of what they are genuinely afraid to admit, that they overeat. I’m afraid I have been there so I can say it now in jest, but if no one sees me eat it, then the calories don’t count….Yes they do. I mean I didnt really believe that, but I would secretly eat, in just an awful habit of boredom or stress. So get a calorie tracker and track your daily calories honestly. Track them until you understand and have a rough idea how to accumulate calories in your head. This is honestly the ultimate way to lose weight, but it requires some effort on your part.

Louise Loughlin