Top 10 Protein Snacks 42/365

Protein is a key component in your daily nutrition.

Protein as we have said before provides the body with the necessary chemistry to repair and build cells in our body, helping us recover, improve our performance and grow healthy nails, hair and muscle.

Protein also helps with weight loss, as it helps you feel more full at meals, and can possible help you from over eating calories.

So trying to hit your protein target of 1.6g of protein per KG of bodyweight can be hard for some people. Therefore finding high protein snacks will be a good resource.

  1. Greek Yoghurt 150g Whey Protein 10g - A delicious guilt-free high-protein dessert... the perfect ice-cream substitute! Pick a nice flavour of Whey Protein.

  2. Beef Jerky 50g - Watch out for packs that are marinated in honey or sugar...check the label!

  3. Whey Protein 20g Water personal preference (~250ml) Plain Nuts 25g - Add whole milk for a creamier texture.

  4. 2-3 x Whole HardBoiled Eggs - Add salt and pepper to taste

  5. Protein Bar - Great as a pre-training snack.

  6. Houmous & Chicken/Veg - Houmous 50g Chicken 75g Carrot 1 x Whole Celery 1 x Stalk - Add more veg. sticks to make the snack more filling. Cucumber & Peppers also work well.

  7. Cottage Cheese on Oatcakes - Oatcakes 4 Cottage Cheese 100g

  8. Greek Yoghurt & Fruit - Greek Yoghurt 150g Berries 100g - Great as a breakfast and/or dessert option.

  9. Meat Roll-Ups - Ham Slices -4 Soft Cheese 40g Asparagus 40g - Spread the soft cheese (Le Roule is a good option) onto the ham. Roll cooked asparagus in each ham slice. Probably the easiest thing you can make.

  10. Figs and Prosciutto - 2 Figs, 2-3 slices of ham. - You will feel fancy AF with this snack. Just slice some figs in half, wrap them with prosciutto and enjoy!

    Enjoy those snacks and let me know if you have any further suggestions.

Louise Loughlin