Get into Shape for 2019 39/365

Don’t leave it for another year. Make 2019 the year you decide to change your habits and focus on healthy behaviours to keep the body shape that you want.

Getting into Better Shape - An ideal program

A weekly consistent program of physical activity with a balanced diet will ensure you get into the best shape of your life.

By mixing it up, with strength training, cardio and flexibility in your weekly program, you will have the ability to perform to your best.

By understanding that the body needs calories in order to burn fuel, you must equally understand that a person who does more physical activity will need more calories if they wish to stay at the same weight. Equally if a person is looking to lose weight, they can eat a small bit less and increase their physical activity.

Be careful and cautious if you reduce your calories too much as you will lead to burn out and a lack of energy. I hear it from so many clients who want to lose weight quickly but in turn, they end up over eating on food at the weekends or when they need a pick me up.

Keep a slow consistent deficit of calories if you are looking to lose weight.