Weight Loss Myths 10/365

1. Eating 6 meals a day

.....to boost your metabolism. Nah!! Not u less you eat within a calorie deficit. The basics of weight loss is that you use more calories than you consume. So eat 2-3 meals depending on your lifestyle, your work and whatever works for you.  

2. Detoxes

Those juice cleansing detoxes ya they do and don't work. They work because they put you into a calorie deficit. You'll lose water weight mostly, along with carb storage from the muscles so you're not actually losing much body fat. It's body fat what you really want to get rid of. So even though you're losing weight on the scales with these cleanses, unfortunately it's not body fat and you'll put that weight back on almost immediately when you return to eating a regular diet.

3. Apple cider vinegar

It seems to still be doing the rounds, somehow if you take a spoon of ACV in the morning, you'll somehow magically lose weight. It is highly acidic so can be quite nasty on your tummy first thing in the morning. I like ACV. But not for weight loss. It's nice on salads.  

4. Keto/Paleo/Atkins

All these various diets that reduce one thing....carbs! Carbs get such a bad rap. But the truth is we overcome carbs because they taste nice and we eat them mindlessly. We are just over consuming calories. So when we take out a complete food group and reduce the amount of things we can eat, we trick ourselves into reducing our calorie intake. That is why so many people succeed in these diets. They give too much attention to the élimination of carbs and it does not address the real answer to weight loss....... creating a calorie deficit. 

5. Clean Eating

I use to be a clean eater. I would only eat foods I made from scratch, all natural ingredients. I swapped out sugar for agave, flour for coconut or almond flour. All that clean eating is great if it provides you with the appropriate nutrients that you need. Sugar is not bad. Gluten is not bad, u less you're coeliac. Sometimes these "clean foods" are much higher in Calories.

I used to always wonder why I found it so hard to lose weight. I thought I must have a slow metabolism. Thankfully for me I'm healthy and the only reason I was struggling to lose weight was because I was overeating calories. I simple ate too much. It's that simple. It really is.

But I know for some people there are physiological and psychological factors that play a part in how and why we eat so much food. For some people we can't feel full due to leptin resistance (a hormone that signals fullness) and for others there are emotional and guilty feelings associated with food. Everything we do has a part to play. I know it's all about calories. But it's also nothing to do with calories for some people. That's why I began studying for my nutritionist qualification with the best global provider MacNutrition Uni online. It's a science based nutrition course and I'm half way through already. It's the first course in a long time that I am so in love with. I'm looking forward to sharing more nutrition information with you, so you can be assured that it comes from the best and most knowledgeable school of science based nutrition.