Are you guilty? 9/365

It's common for people to say that you should enjoy food and not feel guilty about eating the bad stuff.

 Firstly there is no good or bad stuff. There is just food. 

Secondly, im going to tell you that you should feel guilty about eating food

if you need to eat in secret,

if you are over indulging in a certain food type, if you pretend to have not eaten something,

if you have to hide food,

if you eat the horrible sweets even when you don't like them,

if you eat mindlessly in front of the TV,  

If you lie about your food habits. 

You see there are lots of reasons why you should feel guilty about the food you're eating. Sure food should be an enjoyable experience. You want your taste buds to explode. But this doesn't happen when you feel guilty about it.  

Some ways to overcome this....... Don't eat alone. Eat with someone. Enjoy their company. You'll be surprised how that changes everything. Share dessert. Talk a real conversation as you eat. Don't rush. Seriously, dont rush. Give yourself it's of time to enjoy the meal.

Don't snack so often. Don't eat in the car. Do t eat on the go. 

I think we've forgotten how important food is to fuel our body. We take food for granted. It's so cheap to buy in supermarkets. We tend to overindulge in the wrong things at the wrong time.  

Ive been guilty of this all my life. I wanted to taste everything. I travelled the world to eat everything. I got fat. I didn't enjoy the "being fat" part. For me, I didn't feel like I moved the way I was happy to move. I eventually backed myself into a corner and realized I should feel guilty about eating too much wrong food. I felt glutinous. That's a horrible realization. But it eventually sank with me. I have a completely different relationship with food now. I used to think about my next meal while I was eating my first meal. I thought you had to eat 6 meals a day. Yes, the fit ess India has a lot to answer for. There are so many things I know now that I wish I new years ago. I could go the whole day without eating and a lot of the times I don't even care.  

How is it possible to flip that much in your mindset? 

Let me write about that tomorrow.