What is mobility? 8/365

Mobility is the buzz word for the moment. So essentially it's about the ability to move. We all have the option to have great mobility if we choose to train it. If we lose control over a joint, the muscles can stay aggrievated and we won't get much long term release from pain and immobility.

So movement everyday is key.  


One of the first problems older adults face is being unable to reach up for something in a cupboard. They stop llaughing their arms over time Md eventually it becomes a problem.

So if you don't use it, you lose it. 


Simply everybody should be practicing some form of mobility in their training



Mobility of the spine - cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions need to move independently. Each vertabrae can and should move independently. Next time you try the cat stretch, try and concentrate on each region, then focus more closely on each single vertabrae. It won't happen over night. But it will never happen unless you try and you practice.  

There are so many mobility exercises! Look at shoulder and hip joints that are restricting movement patterns. Then work on daily exercises that can help increase the range of motion. Within a week you will notice changes. I've seen people struggle with the deep lunge test and after a week of practice they've nailed it.  

I have some resources in my YouTube but I'll also be focusing on this topic more in my blog so stay tuned.  

Or if you have any particular questions please feel free to contact me.