For the love of food 7/365

Wowsers, I got told I was skinny today.....!!

Well I'm not skinny, I'm sorta flabby in places but I'm not overweight. I know what it is to be overweight. I have been. I also have never been skinny, that I can remember. I've never had a six pack. Maybe I'd like to. 

i don't associate a lively life with bodyweight issues. These issues are all in the head - our happiness and joy - our regret and our hate. 

We are not the sum of our macros. We are the sum of our memories, our happiness and our hope. 

I used to be obsessed with food. I loved eating. I also loved being able to eat everything eating leftovers, always over endulging. Nowadays I've learned to appreciate every time I eat. I'm not obsessed with food. I no longer struggle to constantly think about my next meal. I can go most of the day without eating. Normally a coffee will fill me and fuel me. This is a complete turn around for someone like me, who was obsessed with eating everything. The biggest turning point for me was two years ago when I began training for the marathon. I had to eat so much food that I couldn't face it anymore. I was working so many hours that I didn't have time to eat. I guess my appetite changed. I also had visited a poor region of South East Asia and I think I realised that food was a luxury for us.  

In Ireland we have access to so much food. We overindulge most of the time and we care less if we have o throw out food. Supermarket wars are making food cheaper, but at what cost. I've been living in Galway for nearly two years now and if I were 10 years younger I would have tried every restaurant in town. These days I am happy to try out a fancy restaurant and eat out maybe once every two months or even more. I have learned a far bigger appreciation for food, for the people who prepare it, serve it and for the most part for my Taste buds that ignite.



my birthday at Le Petit Pois, Galway