Til death do us part 5/365

Yesterday I attended a wedding of my double cousin in a magnificent castle in the north west of Ireland. The wedding was truly the most spectacular day with the bride looking like a fairy princess. In amongst their natural and modest wedding was the true beauty of life, love and laughter.

I didn't get time to write much as I spent the whole day laughing, eating, drinking, dancing and chatting. Remember how fun those days are without having to write about it on social media. 🤪🤣 

Im not used to drinking so I definitely could feel the affect it had on me the next day. Even that night trying to sleep my heart is as racing. So with little sleep the next day, I was groggy, tired and suffering a little anxiety. I'm looking forward to getting back into a good training routine, after the Christmas break. Honestly I find my mood, energy and personality get a huge boost when I have myself go through some exercise, whether that's a long walk in the city, a hike up a mountain, a cycle to work or a big gym session. Every time you exercise, your body that is you for it. 

Keep adding POSITIVES to your life  


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