Simple Diet Advice 6/365

What do most diets have in common? To eat more fruit and vegetables. Not only will you be boosting your body's immune system and regeneration, you can lose weight.
By adding more fruit and vegetables to your daily meals, you can increase fullness, satiety and reduce your carbohydrates. Now there's nothing wrong with carbs, just we tend to overconsume them.

So try aiming for 7-10 servings a day.
Have 1-2 servings of fruit with breakfast.
Fruit or veg sticks for snacks.
Soup with meals.
And include a side salad with your lunch and dinner. Eating raw food before your meal can also aid in digestion.
Have fruit and yogurt, sprinkled with seeds for a treat.
Here's one of my favourite simple side salads. Get 3-4 portions of vegetables. You can serve it as a main course if you add more protein like grilled chicken. Give it a go.


Louise LoughlinComment