Who am I to tell you 28/365

A passion for an active and balanced  lifestyle, I have been involved in the GAA at top level, so I know what it takes to win an all Ireland medal as well as world-cup victory, representing Ireland in AFL. As well as team sports, I consider my training as a hybrid style: athletic training along with strength training and even pilates, which has taken me on the route to triathlons. Being a neuromuscular physical therapist, I also have a special interest in rebalancing people's training.

I believe training should be fun and fit your lifestyle, boost your health and build your stamina.

Training like an athlete is like optimal training. You are training to be supple, to be active, to be fit, to be strong, to be agile. There is too much emphasis on training for weight loss. That is only 1/4 of the story. Training like an athlete will take you all the way to optimal health including weight loss. That is the reason for the FAB Project.

I train women in every aspect of fitness like they were an athlete. They eat like athletes for optimal performance. The results are a love for movement and eating to fuel the body.

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Louise Loughlin