Don't Exercise for weight loss 24/365

People are obsessed with exercise to lose weight. When in actual fact, weight loss is conducted by a calorie deficit.
The benefits of exercise are far greater than losing weight. See this body we were all born in, needs "exercise". But exercise is general movement that we have labelled as tough and some people dread it.
Exercise that we enjoy should be simple and easy to do.
We should all be moving or exercising to increase our bodies capabilities as we grow old.

Use it or lose it !

Exercise can help you stick to a better routine and to avoid bad habits in your diet. The mental affects of exercise are second to none. Have you noticed how your mood changes when you stop exercising for a while? Then the best thing to do is to go out for a gentle walk in the fresh air. Clear your head. Don't feel guilty. Look out for simple reasons to be grateful on your walk.

Exercise should be a daily occurrence. Your joints, muscles and respiratory system all benefit day to day from what you do or don't do. As we exercise a muscle, it gets stronger, it gets more used to resistances and so adapts accordingly. If you don't exercise, you can weaken these systems.

Types of exercises will suit different people and now some people include a various range of exercises to compliment their body.
From yoga and Pilates to strength training and CrossFit. From running and walking to swimming and cycling. Sometimes nothing beats a hike outside in the elements to test your balance, your endurance and mental state.

Exercise can be calming or can be stressful. I think it depends on what you prefer. However additional stress may be more harmful to some than to others, while some people strive off high stressed exercise routines. The essentials are all the same. Move your body in as many ways as possible, as often as you can daily. Occasionally you can put stress in your routine to see if you can adapt to it and equally reduce stress on your body in a relaxing flow state of yoga or dance.

Listen to your body  

You can't exercise at high intensity for 7 days a week. You'll burn out. The body needs some rest in between high intensity workouts.
You can try a few different approaches.
Exercise should be:

  1. Resistance training
  2. Joint and Mobility training
  3. Cardiovascular training

Some people will train with weights, 3 times a week, hitting a full body workout each session. Then follow this with 2-3 days of cardio training, depending on your level and your goals whether or not you do a high intensity run or a low intensity walk. Mobility training can be done everyday, 4 days a week or when you feel you need it. It's about getting your joints into a good range of motion and developing good habits as you move.

My advice to you, is don't exercise to lose weight. Exercise to feel alive, to increase your resistance to aging and to be that everyday athlete.