Step on the tracker wagon 20/365

Everyone you know has a step counter on their wrist. Well I still haven't gotten one. But I don't need one. Not because I manually count my steps but because I always have my phone on me, so I let it count my steps. I don't need any more things in my life, so I use my phone for everything I can.

The trackers are great for a.few reasons.  

By tracking your steps it keeps you motivated to go a little more than you would have.  

You are able to see a history of your steps on your phone so you can see if you've been slacking off or if you have been awesome. 

Getting a good step count daily is important and you'll notice it when you start tracking. There are days when you barely move, so you would need to pull yourself up for that. Movement is vital for our body's health and function. You will burn more calories during the day by just moving more. So it's worth remembering that when you are working on weight loss. The step count t can be as good as going to the gym for some people. 

For newbies into the fitness realm who want to lose weight I will always suggest an easy option. 

10,000 steps everyday

Eat more fruit and vegetables, around 5-10 servings. You can replace some carbs by trying to get enough veggies on your plate. 

Drink more water , about 2-3 litres.

Get adequate sleep of about 7-9 hours.  

These are simple steps but trust me, or is that simple. Most of the hard part is working on yourself. So work on these few habits to change. Do them everyday and you'll never fail.