Old Age is upon us 19/365

Age is a number. Some of us feel older and some of us feel younger.

Do you think it's important? 

It might help you achieve more in your everyday life. The younger you feel, the more energy, vibrancy and courage you will have.  

 But what about when you get to the age, where you feel like everything is getting harder and your body doesn't move so spritely. You need to take a.look at what you have been doing and change it.

Have you been consistently exercising? Has it been effective? Do you need to change it up?  

Are you getting enough nutrients into your diet? Not just a multivitamin. They're questionable. But eat a varied plant based diet with some meat or protein and he odd treat.  

Drink less alcohol and drink more water. Keep your body hydrated through water, milk of juice.  

 Don't forget to work on mobility everyday. You will grease up those joints through movement so make it happen. 

 Make your body antiage !