Staying Motivated? 2/365

It's only day two. Have you started planning or still procrastinating? 

Motivation is really useless. That's what the pros will tell you. The person who is willing to get up and do the work, without needing motivation, is the person who is going to succeed. 

If motivation doesn't work, then what does? 

  1. Hard work 
  2. Planning
  3. Stick to a schedule
  4. Overcome obstacles and challenges
  5. Foresee future problems and address them

So now you've already written down your goals, it's time to start scheduling the magic. So when you keep repeating that magic, one day you will achieve that goal with just rewards.

A schedule is something you are going to stick to. If you say, I'm going to train at 7am 3 times a week and I'm going to eat healthy, then be sure you stick it out. Sure you'll come up against a few cry's for a sleep in and a few people will try to make you eat cake everyday but it's your job to be self disciplined enough to know that sticking to your plan will give you the end reward that is more important.