No pain no gain? What's that really mean? 15/365

What happens when you hit your muscles with a gym workout?

Why do you feel pain the next day or maybe the day after for some people?

It all comes down to training adaptations. This is what you want for your training

The more you get used to training, probably the less pain you will feel or maybe you'll just get more accustomed to pain because the more you train the more you push yourself too.
But DOMS are a real thing.

DOMS stand for delayed onset muscle soreness and it's the pain you feel the next day or the day after, after a hard training session. 
In order for your muscle to grow and to get stronger what you're actually doing in your training is tearing muscle fibres slightly or microscopically in order for it to rebuild.

So for it to rebuild it becomes bigger and stronger and that's why you might feel a little bit of pain.

If your pain lasts more than 2 days then you've probably overdone it. They say if you haven't been to the gym in a while an if you do the leg session I did today for example, you're probably going to have the pain for more than 2 days ( I probably over did it but I enjoyed it but probably overdone it) For some people when they over do it the biggest problem they face is not going back to the gym again ever or leaving it for a few months and going into this cycle will put you into a bad routine because you'll never stay consistent so you'll always have that horrendous pain. So that's why we recommend that you don't go into the gym all guns blazing if you haven't exercised in a while. Especially if you're never consistent with your training, remember slow and steady always wins the race.

Get a massage to help recovery. But bear in mind you might be tearing muscle fibres too. It's also one of the reasons why you shouldn't get a massage directly before or after your training if your causing the muscles to tear then when you get a deep tissue massage you also cause the muscles to tear slightly so that you again get that muscle adaptation. Get a massage in between light days. Or at least make sure you get a good recovery. Again it will depend on your training, your experience and any injury history.

What can you do to recover from your training session ?

Come to The Muscle Clinic in Results Gym in Galway and get a massage and advice from me. Then.....look after your recovery. This is very important. Make sure you are getting adequate sleep. 7-9 hours is recommended. Your body repairs itself when you're resting!! In order to repair itself you also need to ensure you are eating enough protein. As you may be aware that protein is involved in the building blocks of muscle. It is used to repair muscles. So now you know why protein shakes are so popular. Now there's nothing wrong with protein shakes. There are pretty natural ones out there with not too many additives or sweeteners. But they may not suit your taste. Sun Warrior is the preferred vegan option and for people with no lactose issues, go for a whey isolate. There's plenty on the market. Find one that tastes ok. It's only going to take you 20 seconds to drink it anyway. When in doubt, get a glass of milk instead. 

Lastly, try to move as much as possible the next day. Dont sit idle as when you move, you'll increase blood flow and circulation so that your body will heal quicker.