Optimal Health the new fad 13/365

Yes Yes Yes !!!!!

Lets make optimal health the newest craze. So every time you make a decision to eat that food, you eat it for optimal health.

I have spoken previously about optimal health. But have you started implementing it yet? 

Health and wellness is all about decision making. Happiness and success are all about decision making. Sure enough you can also make a decision to be unhealthy and sad.

Everything that we do is a habit. That stems from a decision. Losing weight is the easiest thing in the world if you want it to be. But are you willing to change your habits? Are you deciding to be healthy or unhealthy? Happy or sad? 

If you consider yourself the unhealthy one, you will continue to associate with an unhealthy lifestyle. Yet if you decide that you want to become healthy, then start living the life a healthy person would love. Start making the decisions a healthy person would make. Start by being happy to be in a position to be able to make those decisions.

I help people get an optimal diet based on their lifestyle, environment and personal needs. It's a process that works. But it's also a process that you need to work on. The magic pill doesn't exist but the optimal diet does.