Breaking Bread 14/365

It happens everytime someone sees a personal trainer eat a sandwich. It's like the chicken crossed the road on a skateboard.

 There's so much information at our fingertips yet we struggle to know the truth. Have you weight loss misconceptions......?? Do you struggle with the bombarding information?

Bread, and Wraps  

Is there a difference? What is it? This comes up all the time.

I lost weight eating bread everyday. It wasn't even gluten free. I had cheese Toasties every night after a 16 hour day. I hadn't any energy left to cook a proper meal. 

In school kids eat sandwiches everyday. My grandmother is 97 and eats sandwiches. Apparently they've done her no harm. Though she might want to put on a bit of weight. 

So what if I told you, there's about the same amount of calories in a wrap as there are in 2 slices of bread. Ok fair enough it's about the filling inside right? 

So if I fill my sandwich or wrap with a good protein and plenty of veggies then a small bitta butter/fat/dressing then what's the problem? Well if that's the most beautiful and tastiest sandwich then there isn't a problem. However if you have your sandwich with a bag of crisps or a side or chips or deeply overdo the Mayo/fat then you're probably in trouble from a weight loss perspective.  

Bread (Carbs) provide your body with calories that give you energy.

The filling (protein + fats) provide you with the necessary macronutrients and calories to repair and regenerate body cells, support the immune system to name only two.  

The humble sandwich is the perfect example of a perfect meal if you get this all right. How did we ever get it wrong? By not being satisfied with enough is enough, by always wanting more.  

Here's some inspiration for the perfect sandwich from one of Ireland's greatest sporting commentators Micheal O Muircheartaigh

It's time to start banishing the rubbish.....I mean the rubbish information not the bread in your cupboard. 🤣🤣🤣 Phew!!!

Remember how our elders eat.