Why I love to lift weights 16/365

I simply love to lift weights. It's gives me a sense of achievement when I see how strong I am getting. 

My hormones must love it too. I feel happy when I lift weights. Seriously, exercise changes your hormones so you really do improve your mood. If you're not feeling good in yourself, try a small bit of exercise.  

I lift weights, not to lose weight but to build muscle, to be strong, to look toned. It certainly won't make you look bulky. Only eating too much or steroids can make you look bulky. By building muscle, you can inherently increase your metabolism, ever so slightly so it does have a slight impact in someone who wants to lose weight.

For my shoulder that plays up on my, lifting weights is necessary. When I was traveling and not focused on it, my shoulder gave me a lot of pain. The imbalance returned. There is a lot of rehab work still needed on my shoulder. It's significantly weaker than the other. So I continue to lift weights.

Lifting weights is important for women. Building a good foundation for bone health as is women are prone to osteoporosis.  

You know when you lift weights properly like a deadlift or a squat that you do more for your core than a plank? Yes!! Isn't that a relief. But there is a place for planks, when they're done hardstyle. I learned that at the RKC in Denmark back in 2009. If you don't know what that is, then stay tuned I'll talk about it tomorrow.