Good V Bad. It's not always that easy 11/365

To carry on from yesterday where I talked about myths and essentially how a calorie deficit was the only sure way to lose weight, today I'd like to mention that we shouldn't label food as good or bad. When we label food as bad, we tend to get a little obsessed with it. The only bad thing about a food is that we may over eat it. So maybe we just have bad habits when it comes to food.

 Food is food. Food is fuel. It allows us the ability to stay alive.

All too often we have attached emotions and a bad relationship with food. 

What if we never invented the word superfood......would we have never labelled some food as bad?! 

Since the era of superfoods, a lot of "so called superfood" is mass produced and has to fly thousands of miles to reach your plate. For me a superfood is one that is grown locally, providing sustainable employment locally and is full of nutrients. It doesn't have to be organic, unless you have the ability to afford organic. In any case, all current research has not shown any adverse affect in the blood between organic and non organic. So that's good news for most of us. 

So what do we use instead of good V bad? 

Lets use an optimal diet V a non optimal diet. With this approach we can start to retrain our behavior of eating food that is optimal for our human lifestyle. 

Our body needs the best nutrition it can get in order for it to function at optimal level. If we count calories as food, then we should break calories down even further into MACRONUTRIENTS and MICRONUTRIENTS. These are exactly what you thought......the building blocks of your optimal body. You're one step ahead of me 😁 

If you can grade your food choices as the optimal nutrient choices then you are giving your body the best chance.  

Of course you could eat cake only, everyday and lose weight, if you eat within a calorie deficit. But you wouldn't be giving your body the optimal opportunity to heal, to repair, to regenerate, to function. That's why the guy on supersize me and the subway diet were able to lose weight. But it doesn't seem to have made them healthier. You really want to go for the most nutrient dense food choices, which are:

 "Food, not too much......mostly plants."

Lets talk about those nutrients tomorrow. I think I've already blown some minds today.