New Year Habits 1/365

How come its so easy to form new habits in the new year window?

Its the best time to start working on yourself, because we see it as a fresh start. So lets get a start on our health and fitness goals for 2019.

Now in reality, a lot of people fail to get much further than 1 week because they made the goal too bug in their head. If you’re not breaking your goal down into small manageable steps that you can see smaller results day to day, then you will lose the motivation.

You can try to do something like the 2020 January Challenge and just commit to doing 20 minutes of physical activity for 20 days this month. Grab a calendar and mark off every day you complete. For even better motivation, write down the days and times you’re going to do your 20 minutes activity.

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For me, I plan to do one adventure challenge every month. So I have broken it down as follows - I will train 6 days a week in swimming, cycling, running,= and gym work over a 20 week period to do the Lough Cutra triathlon in May. I’ll keep my self on track by competing in monthly challenges.

  • I’m going to train for a triathlon. So I pick a date in May. Lough Cutra Tri sounds good - its the 25/5 and its in Galway so not too far to travel. That gives me about 20 weeks to prepare.

  • I’ll address my weak points, like swimming so I’ll ensure I brush up on my technique, in order to achieve that I must swim a minimum once per week. My great friend Luis has given me some swimming tips that are going to help too so I should be able to build up to a 750m swim.

  • I will also need to train myself in the bike and run. Its not the hardest for me to complete but a good time would be nice. 20km Bike followed by a 5km run. So 3 cardio sessions a week, mixing between long bike rides, long runs and intervals on hte bike and sprint runs.

  • I will continue with my mobility and strength training 2-3 times per week

  • To keep me pushing along, I’ll do a duathalon in February, and an adventure race in April.

The second thing I would like to add to my New Year New Me is Project365. I will be writing and posting a daily entry to my blog every day. This is number 1/365.

The biggest obstacle I may encounter is not having enough time to write something meaningful, so I will try to write the night before or early morning.

Its been a year full of amazing clients from personal training to massage in Galway, the top city in Ireland. I feel grateful to be able to call this my job and my home. My hope is to help even more people in 2019 to overcome injury and personal challenges in a bid to live their healthiest lifestyle. Mention this blog post to receive a free training session with me.

Happy New Year,