The Eat More Diet

Now why do you have to go and diet in the first place. On you over indulged. Your lifestyle has been off the walls...... For how many years? Oh that long. 

The best place to start when you feel like there's no where to start is not to start restricting foods. Instead aim to increase your fruit and vegetables daily. Aim for 10 portions. Then tell me why you ate some other nutrient empty food like crisps or chocolate. 


Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to add fibre, nutrients and power to your diet.  

Take some frozen fruit like berries and add some greens like kale, add some liquid, like milk for extra protein or water or try mango juice for some bang. I also added some healthy fats from avocados and to make it a bit creamier.  

The other way to add more to your diet is to have raw vegetable snacks like carrots or cucumber. Have raw veg before a meal to help kick-start your digestion. So add a small side salad beore your dinner. 


Add more fruit and vegetables and be on your way to a better you.  

Why not start with this..............