Which massage? 21/365

Even the superhumans around us need a good deep tissue massage every now and again to stimulate circulation and motivation. Myself included, we don't our selves enough self care, whether that is emotional or physical. So I'm making it a plan for me this year to pay more attention to my self care routines.

Massage is good for you. It gives you time to relax and ease away the stress.  

Massage varies depending on pressures, movements and techniques. so when you're looking to get a massage, make sure you go to the right person who does what you want.

As massage is used to help with soft tissue muscle injuries, you can expect a little pain as the therapist tried to give attention to some stuff spots to relieve tension and chronic pain.  

A different type of massage would be a sports massage specific to an event, before or after. This type of massage would help you increase circulation, movement and flexibility or assist in the recovery process.  

The effectiveness of massage can help improve: 

  • Muscle pain
  • Headache and tension
  • Depression
  • Also cancer, autoimmune diseases and even osteoarthritis. 

So next time you feel like a pick me up, go for a massage. It can help in so many ways.